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Replogle Marin 16-inch Diam. Floor Globe - 22836

Vendor: For The Home

16-inch diameter; 39-inch height. Antique oceans with raised relief design. Wrought iron base with tripod design. Brass-plated, full-swing meridian. Raised-relief surface clearly denotes mountain ranges. Shows U.S. states and current political borders. With a unique wrought iron tripod stand the Marin 16-inch Diam. Floor Globe has a subtle modern look. Easy to read and designed to blend beautifully with your decor this globe clearly depicts all U.S. states and political borders and features a raised relief design for even better visibility and texture. The brass-plated meridian has a full-swing design that lets you view the countries from any angle. This globe has rich brilliant antique-colored oceans and measures 16 inches in diameter.

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