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Rare Bonsai Trees Bonsai Accessories

Bonsai Boy of New York - Bonsai Trees Make Great Gift Ideas! Bonsai Boy of New York - Rare Bonsai Trees and other bonsai accessories at low wholesale prices. One-of-a-kind Bonsai Trees

Dwarf Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree
(ulmus parvifolia) 'yatsubusa'

Price: 250.00
Bonsai Boy of New York

Has small evergreen serrated leaves with excellent branching charachteristics. The Yatsubusa Chinese Elm is a super dwarf variety of the chinese elm. Deciduous. Keep outdoors.

Cork Bark Elm
(ulmus neri)

Price: 250.00
Bonsai Boy of New York

The Neri Elm has small serrated green leaves which have good yellow/bronze fall color. The trunk has a striking gnarled corky bark appearance hence the name Cork Bark Elm. Deciduous. Keep outdoors.

Dwarf Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree
(ulmus parvifolia) yatsubusa

Price: 275.00
Bonsai Boy of New York

The Yatsubusa Chinese Elm is a super dwarf variety of the chinese elm which has very small variegated evergreen serrated leaves. Has a curved trunk and excellent branching characteristics. Deciduous. Keep outdoors.

Dwarf Swiss Stone Pine Bonsai Tree
(pinus cembra 'pygmaea')

Price: 250.00
Bonsai Boy of New York

This compact dwarf tree has thin needles that are a deep rich blue-green and which are densely set on the branches, giving the appearance of blue-green bottle brushes. The spring shoots are orange-brown which sets this species apart from other five needled pines. Great outdoor evergreen bonsai.

Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Tree
(pinus thunbergii)

Price: 99.95
Bonsai Boy of New York

Stiff dark green needles (3"-5" long) occur in pairs. Large, grayish-white terminal buds help distinguish it from other pines. Much sought after in bonsai and takes many years to achieve the look of a superior specimen bonsai. Hardy. Likes sun. Keep outdoors.

Dwarf Hinoki Cypress Bonsai Tree
(chamecyparis gracillis)

Price: 250.00
Bonsai Boy of New York

Slow growing evergreen conifer with flat deep green fan-like foliage. Leaves edged with blue on undersides. Pea-sized cones. Beautiful uncommon ornamental evergreen with gracefully arching branchlets. Keep outdoors.

Flowering Rosemary Bonsai Tree
(rosmarinus officinalis)

Price: 79.95
Bonsai Boy of New York

Native to the Mediterranean sea coast, Rosemary is an evergreen with narrow, aromatic dark green leaves that are the source of the herb Rosemary. It bears small clusters of light lavender blue flowers in spring and summer. Incredible fragrance transfers to hand when delicately touched. Add a fresh touch to your meals with the clippings of this bonsai tree.

Dwarf Alberta Spruce Bonsai Tree
Spiraled Trunk
(Picea Glauca Conica)

Price: 275.00
Bonsai Boy of New York

Coniferous (cone bearing) slow growing pyramidal evergreen, with bushy deep green needle foliage. Hardy to -40 degrees F.

English Boxwood
With Exposed Roots
(buxus semperuirens)

Price: 325.00
Bonsai Boy of New York

The English Boxwood is an evergreen tree native to the open woodlands and rock hillsides in Southern Europe. The English Boxwood has small elliptic or oblong leaves. A dark glossy color color is seen on top and a yellow-green color is observed below. Outdoor Bonsai Tree.

Mugo Pine Bonsai Tree
Upright Broom Style
(pinus mugp 'valley cushion')

Price: 275.00
Bonsai Boy of New York

Dwarf evergreen with dense growth habit. Dark green needles adorn upright branches throughout the year. Slow grower. Hardy to -50 degrees F. Keep outdoors.

Dwarf Weeping Norway Spruce Bonsai Tree
(picea abies 'glauca pendula')

Price: 250.00
Bonsai Boy of New York

A weeping dwarf tree with short dark green needles and graceful pendulous branches. Outdoor evergreen.

Dwarf Black Olive
(bucinda spinosa)

Price: 225.00
Bonsai Boy of New York

Native to the Caribbean and parts of Florida. Not the edible olive that we all know and love, but does produce a small, black seed capsule. An evergreen tree with a smooth trunk and oval canopy. The lush, dark bluish-green, leathery leaves can be over 2" long and are clustered at the branch tips, sometimes mixed with 1" long spines found along the branches. Loves the sun and heat. Do not expose to temps below 40F.

Flowering Pyracantha Bonsai Tree
(Coccinea 'Lalandii')

Price: 89.95
Bonsai Boy of New York

The Pyracantha 'Mohave' was introduced by the National Arboretum for its resistance properties. The 'Mohave' generates an abundance of small white flowers in late May which result in masses of orange-red berries that ripen in fall and persist through winter. Evergreen. Keep outdoors.

Flowering Weeping Pussy Willow Bonsai Tree
(salix caprea 'kilmarnock')

Price: 99.95
Bonsai Boy of New York

A delightful mini Weeping Pussy Willow tree. In early spring the branches are covered with large, fluffy, silvery catkins followed by studded golden anthers. Lovely green foliage follows. Grafted head onto rootstock. Branches arch straight down making a beautiful display in all seasons. Excellent choice to accent a deck, patio or pond. Deciduous. Keep outdoors.

Flowering Chinese Fringe Bonsai Tree
(loropetalum chinensis)

Price: 150.00
Bonsai Boy of New York

Native to the tropical areas of Asia, this unique evergreen has small burgundy colored leaves that turn green as they mature. The Chinese Fringe, which is a relative of the Witch Hazel, produces fragrant clusters of ruby-red/pink flowers in the spring. Likes direct or indirect light and is cold hardy in temperatures just above freezing. The exfoliating bark on mature trees is most attractive. Great flowering bonsai tree for indoors.

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