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Check the great prices at - Offers quality plants at great prices, come see what we mean! Our trees are grown by the finest of nurserymen and given supreme care all the way from our facilities to our customer's doorstep. Another great choice for live plants and trees. Lowest Prices on Fruit Trees, Shade Trees, Flower Bulbs, Perennials, House plants, Vegetable Plants, Seed and More!
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24'' Bulb Auger
Price: $26.99
Make bulb planting easy. Both models fit any 3/8'' or 1/2'' drill. Small size (9'' Bulb Auger, item# 8006) makes holes 6'' deep and 1 3/4'' in diamete [more info..]

Riot of Color Wildflowers
Price: $12.99
You get our jumbo packet of ALL wildflower seeds without the cost of fancy packages or non-seed fillers. Our jumbo packet contains over 20 different v [more info..]

Pyramid Garden
Price: $39.99
You can have a terraced garden in approximately 6 feet of space for vegetables, flowers, or both and Pyramid Garden will hold 50 strawberry plants. Ea [more info..]

Quinault Strawberry
Price: $6.99
Here is a great tasting, heavy bearing, everbearing strawberry developed by Washington State University. It is well on its way to being the greatest p [more info..]

Better Boy Hybrid Tomato
Price: $5.99
The Better Boy Hybrid Tomato is a disease tolerant plant that produces fruit in the 1 pound range all season. High yields when grown on stakes or spra [more info..]

Giant Beefmaster Hybrid Tomato
Price: $5.99
Remember those delicious-tasting Giant Beefsteak tomatoes you used to enjoy The Hybrid Beefmaster looks and tastes just like them -- EXCEPT they produ [more info..]

Hydrangea Tree
Price: $3.98
What a breathtaking sight! In mid-summer this color-changing Hydrangea Tree is covered with masses of snow-white flowers. In late summer, the flowers [more info..]

Rose of Sharon Hedge 1-2
Price: $4.99
Delightful red, white or purple hibiscus-shaped flowers blossom each summer in a lifetime of natural beauty. Rose of Sharon Hedge is a practical, love [more info..]

3-N-1 Rose of Sharon Tree
Price: $7.99
You'll enjoy this old-fashioned favorite that bears an abundance of large, hibiscus blossoms in three different colors: red, white and blue. Rose of S [more info..]

Weeping Potted Cherry
Price: $5.99
The Weeping Potted Cherry tree is so delicate and graceful, it could be considered a work of art. In spite of its delicate looks, it is one of the har [more info..]

Rose of Sharon Hedge 2 1/2 - 4
Price: $4.99
Delightful red, white or purple hibiscus-shaped flowers blossom each summer for a lifetime of natural beauty. Rose of Sharon Hedge is a practical, lov [more info..]

Glowing Embers Hydrangea
Price: $6.49
Now you can enjoy the beauty of a Red Hydrangea that blooms a true red regardless of soil pH. It brings a hot glowing red beauty to your yard in summe [more info..]

Double Hollyhock
Price: $4.98
A Royal Horticultural Society prize winner!Here is a beauty you can't afford to miss. If you enjoyed the old-fashioned single Hollyhocks in Grandma's [more info..]

Red Robin Hood Rose
Price: $9.99
Robin Hood Rose (also called Mediterranean Musk Rose) has delicate, fragrant, long-lasting blooms that grow in colorful clusters. Each cluster has 20- [more info..]

Double Pink Knock Out? Rose
Price: $25.99
Carefree beauty has 2 1/2 to 3 1/2'' pretty pink double blooms in late spring and explodes with color until fall. Extremely hardy and drought tolerant [more info..]

Red-White-Blue Hydrangea Collection
Price: $19.47
Red, White and Blue Hydrangea Collection!One Collection includes: 1 Red , 1 White and 1 Blue plant.
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