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InsureMe Life Quotes helping you get the best Life Insurance Deals on the Internet.

Most of us live life day to day, never expecting sudden change to affect our lives. But it does; and when change comes, we must be prepared to face it head-on.

As a loving, caring person, you want to provide for those you love in a special way. Life insurance provides the means to do so now, while you're still living and vital. By preparing for the future with a policy that offers your family the financial assistance they need to carry on in your absence, it's one of the best ways to leave a piece of yourself behind.

Depending on your age and general state of health, finding the coverage you need is relatively easy. And here's a secret many people aren't aware of: Providers are waiting in the wings to offer the most competitive quotes. All it takes is a little knowledge; the help of an informed, professional agent; and one quick application to get educated, empowered and insured.

Basics You Should Know

Insurers sell several different types of policies, each designed to meet specific needs and goals. If you'd like to leave money so your family can pay your final expenses or you want to provide them with savings to spend as they see fit, one of the following types of plans should be just what you need:

  • Term: You purchase coverage for a specific period and, if you die during that time, your beneficiary receives the policy's value. Includes no investment component.
  • Permanent or Whole Life: Designed to cover you for your whole life, not just a set period of time. Offers the flexibility and freedom to change the death benefit as you see fit, with level premiums that are invested and build over time.
  • Universal: You pay a minimum premium plus an investment amount. Both your investment and its returns are placed into a cash-value account, which can then be used to pay future premiums or left to build cash value.
  • Variable: Includes a broader selection of investment products than universal life. Beneficiaries receive the policy's face value or that amount plus the current value of your investment account upon your death.

Tips to Help You Save

The best way to get a great deal is to plan ahead. Consider your family, its needs and how those needs might change going forward. Get insured while you're young, and you'll take the pressure off both yourself and your insurer, who will then reward you with lower rates.

Other ways to get the best rates and save yourself time, energy and money include always telling the truth when applying for free quotes; reapplying for lower rates as your health changes; and comparing rates from several different companies at once.

Now, it's time to take hold of the future. Connect with local agents today, and provide for your family tomorrow. There's no better way to care for those you love.

This article was written by for informational purposes only and not intended as professional advice.

Term Life And Whole Life Insurance

Which type of policy is best for you, term or whole life? The answer depends on several factors, including:

Your Needs. If you need coverage only until your children graduate from college, for example, you might be better off with a term life policy.

Cash-value insurance is better suited for long term needs, such as planning estate taxes and providing lifetime security for your spouse. Some term policies cannot be renewed past age 70 or 80 and can become costly to renew as you approach that age.

The Cost. If term life insurance is more suited to your budget and you want life time coverage, consider a term life policy which can be converted into a whole life policy. Then you can convert the policy whenever your cash flow or needs dictate. You can also purchase a combination of term life and whole life insurance and gradually shift into whole life insurance over time.

Your Savings and Investment Goals. Whole life insurance can be a good long term investment vehicle, especially because the cash value has the potential to grow tax-deferred. Should you no longer need the insurance but want some extra cash, you may surrender the policy and collect the accumulated cash value. Be sure to discuss the tax consequences with your tax advisor first.

As an alternative, you could purchase term life insurance and invest what you save on premiums on your own. Compare the returns you can expect, and remember to take taxes into consideration if you plan to select taxable investments.
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